Here’s a teeny tiny illustration for the Film Issue of The Believer

I’ve been asked to draw a lot of likenesses lately. Here are a couple. It’s always a fun exercise. If you live in Europe you might come across these in magazines I can’t pronounce the names of.

I made some end paper patterns for the new issue of Lucky Peach, The Cooks & Chefs issue. Thanks A.D. Walter Green!

I made this comic for the New York Times Opinionator blog, to illustrate this article about reading a novel over and over and over. Thanks A.D. Alexandra Szigmond!

Here’s a rainbow person I painted over Lili Carré's walk cycle templates this summer. She animated it and now it'll walk like this forever.

A quick little drawing for today’s New York Times Letters section. Thanks A.D. Alexandra Zsigmond!

I’m home! I went back to France for a little bit to attend the Rencontres Chaland, an amazing little festival where Le Magasin des Suicides got an award. It was a real honor to be there. The president this year was Serge Clerc, and we all did a tribute drawing of him. Here’s mine. He’s fantastic. If you don’t know Serge Clerc, Ted Benoît, François Avril and the late Yves Chaland, go ahead and let Google Image blow your (probably not French) brain.

Decorate your mind walls with frog butts.

This strip appeared in The Believer sometime last year. Nicolas de Stael is one of my favorite painters. After seeing an opera in Paris, he took off and went back to his studio in the south of France. He got to work on what would be his last painting. He left it unfinished and jumped out the window the same day.

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